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if i make my bed in hell

behold, thou art there

daughter of the king
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even if you loved me never, you know i love you still

Reading through the Bible a chapter a day.

This seems to have ended up showing my journey as a Christian as much as it's shown my journey through the Bible. I've grown from someone who didn't trust God and spent a lot of time being annoyed with or doubting God to someone who feels like they have a firmer foundation and a better understanding of God and the Bible.

Nb: favourite chapters (not necessarily my favourite recaps):
- Psalms: full of hope and agonising prayers that anyone can relate to. So many beautiful verses.
- Isaiah: a collision of astonishing hope/grace/love and disturbing, violent, abusive depictions of God and God's plans.
- Zechariah: bizarre, beautiful, hopeful and full of Jesus.

(as yet unrecapped)
- Luke: perfect social-justice-y gospel
- John
- Ephesians
- Colossians
- 1 John
1 corinthians 13, 1 corinthians 13:4-13, 1 john, 1 john 3:1, 1 timothy 4:10, 2 timothy 1:7, a theology of hope, abba father, acts 17:28, adrian plass' poetry, agape, all shall be well, apocatastasis, apple of his eye, brand new, cheesy god things, christian communism, christian feminism, christus victor, editing my bible à la river, ephesians 1:5, ephesians 3:18-20, ephesians 4:6, eternal life, forgiveness, fulfilment of the law, galatians 4:6, god, god is love, god of all comfort, god the father, god wiping our tears away, god's unconditional love, grace, heaven's chocolate fudge cake, hebrews 13:5, heresy, his love endures forever, historical context, holy spirit, i-will-never-leave-you-nor-forsake-you, incarnational theology, isaiah 25:8, isaiah 40:11, jeremiah 31:3, jesus, john 17:23, john 1:12, jonah, josh garrels, liberation theology, love never ends, love wins, manasseh's repentance & forgiveness, marriage equality, mercy, mewithoutyou, new heavens & earth, not ect, not hell, not scriptural inerrancy, not the douchey parables, our-names-written-on-his-hands-&-heart, overidentifying with judas iscariot, patron saint of lost causes, psalm 103, psalm 105, psalm 139:8, psalm 91, ransom theory, rants, revelation 21:3-4, romans 8:1-2, romans 8:35-39, ruth/naomi, sleeping at last, social justice, song of solomon, st. john, st. paul, st. peter, the cross, the last shall be first, the prodigal son, the rebel god, the sea of forgetfulness, underneath are the everlasting arms, universalism, wounded for our transgressions