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if i make my bed in hell

behold, thou art there

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day 994, john 5
tb | jesus loved me this i know
dreamhugs wrote in jesusfeels
- Can't help but wonder if these little explanatory notes which appear in some documents were added in for clarity. It makes more logical sense to me but I am v. wary of all my thoughts atm. Okay, N.T. Wright's thoughts are intensely annoying today - 'quite happy to eke out your days lounging around here with the feeble excuse that somebody else always gets in first', it's implied his sickness is caused by sin! - but he does say that the explanation may not be accurate - the water was believed to heal, but possibly not because of an angel? ...At least, he doesn't seem to view it as accurate. I'm confusing myself. I can't help but think (especially in the case of the man's supposed 'laziness') that his views might be because of his own biases, but he knows a great deal about the era. I'd have to see what other scholars thought to be sure.

- And Jesus giving hope outside of signs and miracles, Jesus being greater than the angels, Jesus not requiring people to wait for a certain time and sign. To be fair, I am biased in wanting to read that into the text, but I think it also makes sense, and it's lovely and liberating.

- Do not sin any more; follow the life-giving law and let it lead you down the path to the kingdom of heaven?

- Wait, I thought calling God Father was normal in Judaism? Is it only in a collective sense that it's normal? Can we only use it in a collective sense if so? ...Wait, no, because Spirit of the Son &c, and sharing in the life and love of the Trinity, which is beautiful.

- 'that one' :D 'the other one only does what the Father and Son tell them to do'.

- Not accepting glory from human beings, not seeking glory or power or earthly recognition.

- Condemning of glory talking about earthly concepts of power and importance and how they pale in comparison to God's?

- Viewing this as, like, debate/argument/Jesus trying to convince them of who He was/is makes this read so much better than if you view it as him constantly condemning them with all his Godly condemning power.