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if i make my bed in hell

behold, thou art there

day 951, mark 2
tb | jesus loved me this i know
dreamhugs wrote in jesusfeels
- Wow, the hysteria surrounding Jesus.

- Viewing the scribes as genuinely trying to follow God and respecting Jesus makes their interactions lovelier/more respectful.

- And the sick needing Jesus and Jesus calling sinners because they/we need him.

- And Jesus answers everyone's questions.

- Jesus' new teaching means things change, the old ways may not be followed because they don't fit with the new.

- And Jesus is actually quite nice to the scribes, answering their concerns.

day 952, mark 3
tb | jesus loved me this i know
dreamhugs wrote in jesusfeels
- Oh, wasn't Jesus' wariness about being called the Son of God due to fear of being perceived a threat to Rome (Son of God was the emperor's title) and having his mission cut short before its time?

- Still not sure what to make of the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit verses.

day 953, mark 4
tb | jesus loved me this i know
dreamhugs wrote in jesusfeels
- If the parable of the sower is about us, isn't the quality of the ground about the quality of our hearts/readiness to receive? Hard, lacking in soil, surrounded by thorns.

- Were they not given knowledge because of the pearls/swine thing?

- Although Jesus' explanation of the parable contradicts mine and is more about 'this is how things will happen, these are the lures to watch out for'.

- Is the lamp/bushel parable(?) about them telling others what they know?

- Also, wait, if the measure you give is the measure you get, does the following verse mean those who give none will have even what they have taken away?

- Is the growing seed about God growing within us/changing us without our knowledge? Or is that unlikely because theosis involves work on our side?

- Starting with the smallest of seeds. <3 bc self-deprecation & the disciples being so few & God loving what is humble/small/marginalised bc fuck you why are they worth less.

- I imagine the storm-calming would freak them out.

day 954, mark 5
tb | jesus loved me this i know
dreamhugs wrote in jesusfeels
- I can see now why it would freak them out.

- Jesus' mercy to the demons is still lovely.

- Still vaguely convinced the man had PTSD.

- And the kindness of Jesus' plan - using someone they knew, someone miraculous, to proclaim the story to them.

- Her faith and how it was rewarded is amazing: Jesus' power is amazing.

- I thought he asked who touched him out of annoyance, but it could easily have been compassion/curiosity.

- Daughter bc she was always a child of God, but no-one acknowledged it.

- The sheer awesomeness and audacity of the miracles - raising the dead, curing people completely. The unbelievable and impossible are possible.

day 955, mark 6
tb | jesus loved me this i know
dreamhugs wrote in jesusfeels
- Jesus' brothers: James, Joses, Judas & Simon - interesting(?) that many of his disciples shared their names.

- Disciples <3.

- Wait, Mark includes the disciples' *return*.

- And Jesus told them to rest.

- I wonder if the disciples were tired and grumpy and skeptical, or just panicked?

- 'They did not understand, but their hearts were hardened.'