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if i make my bed in hell

behold, thou art there

day 945, matthew 24
tb | jesus loved me this i know
dreamhugs wrote in jesusfeels
- Jesus did predict terrible, terrible things before the end, as did Revelation. Even if I believe that these have already come to pass, this might raise the question of why God would make this happen, the same way the End Times raise this question. But did God make it happen? Or was it the powers rising up to try to destroy what God had planned?

- God cuts short the days, but why only for the sake of the elect?

- I expect the 'desolating terror' part is pretty definitely about the destruction of Jerusalem.

- The lightning meaning everyone will see/know his coming? And the corpse part meaning that vultures gather over false Christs? That's harsh language to use about them, but. (Although I thought I read someone saying the 'corpse' was a reference to him, but that may just have been me thinking it was him.)

- If the destruction part of the prophecies was fulfilled, what does the 'Son of Man on the clouds' refer to? According to Mike Blume, this also refers to the judgement of God, but that poses the question - did God cause the destruction of Jerusalem? It does say people will mourn when they see him. And possibly it's figurative language of judgement, rather than a direct claim that God was punishing them. But what about the gathering of the elect? And they were asking about the end of the age, which I thought referred to Jesus' return...

- The use of the slavery metaphor is problematic too, although the defense of others is good?