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if i make my bed in hell

behold, thou art there

day 934, matthew 13
tb | jesus loved me this i know
dreamhugs wrote in jesusfeels
- Wait, is the thing about those who have much/those who have nothing referring to the disciples understanding? And the people's understanding? The fact that it says it's not been given to them indicates he has some kind of control over their knowing/not knowing, but the nature of God would indicate it's more about the people not wanting to understand/their choice.

- Or is it referring to what knowledge of the kingdom gives/takes away? Or the destruction of Jerusalem?

- The way the verse in Isaiah is translated in the NRSV indicates it is the people's choice/hardness of hearts/refusal to listen.

- 'stumbles' in reference to the response to persecution is more hopeful than 'falls away'.

- The mustard seed being about the kingdom bringing great results/abundance/blessing from small actions? Or from people who seem small/insignificant? (The latter makes more sense.) Or even from a word that seems small/insignificant/nonsensical.

- The weeds might refer to people, but it might refer to bad ideas sown amongst Christians, or fears/etc that the enemy spreads and that grow up at the same time as the seed of the word. (The seeds seem to refer to ideas planted rather than people in the context of these parables.)

- Oh, no, Jesus himself says not. :( I don't know if this comes under 'prophecies about AD 70', or if it's just a worrying verse. If all causes of sin are thrown in the fire...I'd say perhaps it could be more about causing repentance, but idk if that makes sense in the context of the verse. Possibly it's meant to mean justice/punishment for the wicked/the end of their reign rather than literal eternal hell? Because literal eternal hell/pure retribution with no eventual repentance doesn't fit with the character of God.

- The kingdom is worth giving up everything for: the way he encourages the disciples with this is kind of lovely?

- Oh, the mixing of old and new! As in, old and new covenants, I think?

- Not doing the deeds of power because unbelief could be because they wouldn't have wanted healing/etc because of their judgement?