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if i make my bed in hell

behold, thou art there

day 927, matthew 6
tb | jesus loved me this i know
dreamhugs wrote in jesusfeels
- Oh, the NRSV version of this makes more sense - it's more about intent and wanting to be seen than the rather confusing 'make sure no-one ever sees you give money'. Also, it makes more sense in the context of almsgiving - giving to people who need it so that everyone knows and honours you is humiliating for the recipient and makes the whole process entirely about the giver. It's pretty selfish and terrible.

- Also, the hypocrites are not necessarily the Pharisees.

- Theoretically, giving and prayer can be rewards in themselves? And rewards that would not be received if you did them purely to be seen - the joy of connecting with God, and the happiness of being able to bless someone/the fact that they are blessed, which they wouldn't be if it was all about you.

- :D at 'the Gentiles' rather than 'those who don't know God'.

- The part about the light in you being darkness, in the context of the eye - if your way of seeing the world is twisted, the rest of you will be even more so?

- Cannot serve God and wealth <3 I was wary about being happy re: the Gentiles thing, because, uh, I am a Gentile, but in this case I have less right to be happy, because I'm entirely too rich. However! My income has decreased of late! So. :D

- Being worth more than birds is interesting/cool! :)

- Do not worry about tomorrow, focus on today is lovely/comforting advice. I don't know if it's only meant to address financial worries, though.