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if i make my bed in hell

behold, thou art there

day 892, micah 7
tb | jesus loved me this i know
dreamhugs wrote in jesusfeels
- It starts with little hope, listing the people's evil deeds, but then Israel turns to God, tells us that God will be a light again, God will defend their case, they will see Hir set things right.

- Their walls will be rebuilt, and God will perform miracles as in the days of Egypt. They will return to Bashan and Gilead.

- And verses 18-19, which are beautiful: There is no God like you. You forgive those who are guilty of sin; you don't look at the sins of your people who are left alive. You will not stay angry forever, because you enjoy being kind.
19 You will have mercy on us again; you will conquer our sins. You will throw away all our sins into the deepest part of the sea.