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if i make my bed in hell

behold, thou art there

day 871, joel 3
tb | jesus loved me this i know
dreamhugs wrote in jesusfeels
- ~I don't want a cycle of recycled revenge~. Oppressing someone as revenge for their oppression is not the best way of dealing, I don't think.

- But at least things are getting better for the Israelites?

- Oh, it's a reversal of the peaceful verses of Micah. :(

- The Lord will be a lion, but a safe place and a strong place of safety for Israel. Which is comforting/not so 'he's not safe, but he's good'.

- I thought God was pro-strangers? I guess this is in response to oppression, but not all strangers are equal.

- Hope and blessing and rivers of wine for Jerusalem, the desert and destruction for their enemies.