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if i make my bed in hell

behold, thou art there

day 846, daniel 4
tb | jesus loved me this i know
dreamhugs wrote in jesusfeels
- Huh, so God does challenge Nebuchadnezzar, and Daniel specifies he should be kind to the poor and not do wicked things. I'm not sure if God's reasons are quite as social justice-y and not 'I am God and I make decisions' as I'd like, though, alas.

- Verses 2 and 3 are lovely hopeful praise verses - God does miracles and wonderful things, his wonderful acts are great and her miracles mighty, their kingdom goes on forever, and zir rule continues from now on.

- I guess giving Nebuchadnezzar humility is a pretty wise exercise, to be fair.

- No one can stop God or question what They do. :/