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if i make my bed in hell

behold, thou art there

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[sticky post]& he'll throw you a rope
tb | jesus loved me this i know
dreamhugs wrote in jesusfeels
please note that i don't generally trigger warn, purely because i forget.

(fyi if you found this blog expecting actual feels about Jesus instead of a reading the bible very slowly so it will legit be years before we get to the Jesus feels, try this or this for my actual Jesus feels! warning for wordiness, blasphemy, swearing and general douchebaggery. i mean, some of the posts are more reverent than others, particularly the more recent visible posts or the further back posts. BASICALLY THIS IS ME ADVERTISING MY BLOG.

other recs for Jesus feels include john shore (whose link has been removed because he's cissexist) (although i am wary of his treatment of objectification and abuse) and slacktivist (who can be quite bleak and anti-things like miracles). if you want super-specific recs of my favourite posts, which i sincerely doubt you do, comment and i will tell you how i love shore's semi-recent post on not being afraid today and his mega-post on why the bible doesn't condemn homosexuality and i will also find you a dozen posts on universalism and God's love and other such delights from around the web.

oh, my views have CHANGED and john shore has revealed himself to be surprisingly cissexist. slacktivist i tend to find too bleak/anti-spiritual phenomena? so, some new recommendations: sarah over the moon, no shame movement (re: purity culture, although it's far from perfect and lacking w/r/t gsm stuff), wordgazer (especially this on the syro-pheonician woman!).

there are others, but i'm less familiar with them. sarah moon's blog i've read a lot of, and it's very grace-y and also very helpful and social justice-y.

here are some better, if incomplete, thoughts on the old testament chapter-by-chapter.)